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Meditación Espiritual

I am


It is an inspiring and transformative method that guides you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. This unique approach will help you embrace a responsible and conscious life.

"AwakenU" is a call to wake up and recognize the importance of living responsibly and consciously.

This method gives you the necessary tools to make informed and consistent decisions in your daily life. You will discover how to live in harmony with your beliefs, values and principles, promoting positive change in yourself and the world around you.

"AwakenU" will inspire you to rethink your life, take responsible action, and live consciously. It will guide you toward greater emotional well-being, more meaningful relationships, and a deeper sense of purpose in your life. 

Wake up to life

Recover control of your emotions and obtain the tools for your personal growth. 

Jorge Medina

In my life path, accepting my homosexuality as a life choice represented one of the most significant challenges. It was a process of redefining my concept of love and freeing myself from family expectations. This personal transformation was enriched thanks to the guidance of notable spiritual teachers, Mother Earth, Grandfather Fire, Hikuri (sacred plant for the Huichol) and Marakame. Through an intense experience at age 13, I confronted my fears, anxieties, and expectations, allowing me to understand that the only demon in my stories was myself, shaped by learned patterns. This breaking point led me to commit my life to spirituality and self-exploration.


I have accompanied hundreds of people from various countries on their personal journey, promoting self-knowledge, responsibility and personal growth.

my method"AwakenU" which combines techniques from psychology, ThetaHealing, hypnosis, numerology, shamanism, coaching, oriental techniques and sacred medicine is designed to accompany you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

In my career, I have also been able to collaborate with internationally renowned brands, participating in the organization of events and the formulation of long-term strategies for companies such as Tecate, Cervecería Heineken, Pierde Almas, Nespresso, Nescafe, Dolce Gusto, BBVA, Sprite , ades, Nestle, Televisa, Mujeres Asesinas, La Costeña, Herdez, Fiesta Americana, Grupo Posadas, various tourism trusts, among many others. 

The I Am
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